The Battlecruiser HMS Hood

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The Battlecruiser HMS Hood
Stefan Dramiński

32 pages
2 double B2 sheet with drawings sheets and colour scheme 1:200
31 drawings sheets  A4
scales: 1:50, 1:100, 1:200
booklet binding
format (sizes): (210x297 mm)

Hood, launched in 1918 was the last battlecruiser built in Great Britain. She was named in honor of Admiral Samuel Hood and was to be the first of the Admiral- class battlecruisers, but further three vessels were never completed. During the construction the design had to be extensively modified to embody the experience of the Battle of Jutland, which markedly exposed insufficient armor of British battlecruisers. However not all shortcomings were eliminated, which later contributed to the loss of the ship. The Treaty of Washington of 1922 significantly limited both the number and size of heavy vessels built by world’s greatest naval powers of the time. Due to this until the end of the inter-war period the Hood was the world’s largest warship and by many was considered to be the best ship ever built. She fascinated not only with the size, but also with her firepower, thus she quickly won the nickname “Mighty Hood”. In the 1920s and 30s she made many training cruises in the seas of the whole world, being an advertisement of Royal Navy, proving its might.